Coming Spring 2022

Mad Hatter

Difficulty Rating - Hard
4 - 10

It started out like any other day, but suddenly you found yourself down a rabbit hole. Although it may be true that you are entirely mad, perhaps it is your imagination. But, wait, it can't be! Happy music and the sound of a celebration give you hope that maybe there is someone or something that will help you escape this crazy Wonderland. Will you go on an adventure, or stop to have tea first? Either way, move quickly before you lose your head!

  • (208) 400-3381
  • 10529 West Overland Road, Boise, ID 83709
  • This will be the maddest room of them all! You may feel a little whacky and sane at the same time!
    • Room Features
    • Capacity - 4 to 10 people
    • Multiple room experience
    • Currently under construction!
    • Will be kid friendly, standard age limit (8+)
    • Non-linear game play
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2-3 Players

$32.95per-person + tax

4-5 Players

$29.95per-person + tax

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