Mad Hatter

Difficulty Rating
4 - 10

Imagine an ordinary day that takes an extraordinary turn. Suddenly, you find yourself hurtling down a rabbit hole, much like the curious Alice of classic literature. While you may question your sanity, the surreal Wonderland that unfolds before your eyes leaves no doubt—you're in the throes of madness or, perhaps, your own vivid imagination.

But hold on, what's that? The strains of happy music and the sounds of celebration in the distance give you hope that there's a way out of this topsy-turvy world. Will you choose to embark on a daring adventure, or will you pause for a whimsical tea party? Time is of the essence in this realm, so move quickly before you risk losing your head!

  • (208) 400-3381
  • 10529 West Overland Road, Boise, ID 83709
  • The maddest room of them all! You may feel a little whacky and sane at the same time!
    • Room Features
    • Capacity - 4 to 10 people
    • Multiple room experience
    • Whimsical atmosphere!
    • Kid friendly, standard age recommendation (8+)
    • Non-linear game play
Best escape room in the treasure valley, hands down. We did Mad Hatter - the room theming and decor was amazing and the puzzles were creative and challenging.
Megan - Google

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