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From being captured by Doctor Fear, trapped in a collapsed gem mine, or lost in the wicked land of Oz.

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Team up to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete your mission in 60 minutes or less.

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Our Boise escape rooms are built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere and strict attention to detail.

Boise Escape Room Games

Difficulty Rating

Captured: Doctor Fear

2 - 8
Boise, ID
You have become an ex-asylum doctor’s latest victim. Do you have what it takes to evade his terror?
captured-doctor-fear Image
Difficulty Rating

Gem Mine: Last Breath

3 - 10
Boise, ID
While touring the historic Cortez gem mine a cave in occurs, leaving you with only one hour of oxygen remaining. Will you breathe your last breath?
gem-mine-last-breath Image
Difficulty Rating

Journey to Oz

4 - 8
Boise, ID
You have found yourself somewhere over the rainbow in the mysterious Land of Oz. Will you find your courage, use your brain, and follow your heart in time to click your heels and escape Oz forever?
journey-to-oz Image
Difficulty Rating

Mad Hatter

4 - 10
Boise, ID
Are you mad? Or, is it possible to find your way through Wonderland? That is the puzzle! But be sure you don’t lose your head along the way!
Coming Spring 2022
mad-hatter Image


We have done many escape rooms in different states, and these rooms are by far the best crafted and well thought out! The whole experience is amazing, from the moment you walk in the door. We love this establishment and will definitely be coming back again and again.
Best escape room in the valley! There were so many puzzles and surprises. The rooms were incredibly decorated. The employee there was phenomenal and we already have a second appointment made. We will do every one of their puzzles, truly a fantastic experience.
Had such a great time. Best experience I've had at an escape room. Their attention to detail is fantastic! So creative and fun. Would highly recommend them to anyone. I can't wait to come back and try their new ones.
This escape room is the best I've been to! The room we did was both challenging and exciting. The facility was clean and well maintained and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We had the pleasure of meeting the owners and they were so wonderful! We had a large group and there was more than enough within the room to keep us all engaged and excited throughout the entire experience. I'd highly recommend Treasure Valley Escape rooms, we went to celebrate my birthday but it would be awesome for any occasion! Can't wait to go back and try out another room!

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Styles of escape room game play in Boise

At Treasure Valley Escape Rooms in Boise, Idaho we believe that escape games are all about having fun! We never limit the amount of help you can receive from your gamemasters during your adventure. It is your game so it is your choice what style you would like to play.
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Are the escape room games scary?

A FAQ we receive here at Treasure Valley Escape Rooms is "Are the games scary?"

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