Gem Mine: Last Breath

Difficulty Rating
3 - 10

You and your group have embarked on the last tour of the day at the historic Cortez Gem Mine. A sense of excitement fills the air as you delve into the labyrinthine tunnels, filled with stories of lost treasures and forgotten secrets. But suddenly, the world crumbles around you. A catastrophic event leaves you trapped deep within the mine, and panic sets in.

You must now rely on your collective intelligence and teamwork to escape this dire predicament. The engineers have informed you that there's only approximately one hour of emergency oxygen available. The clock is ticking, and your quest for freedom begins. Will you clear the rubble, solve the puzzles, and gain your freedom, or will you face your last breath in the heart of the Gem Mine?

  • (208) 400-3381
  • 10529 West Overland Road, Boise, ID 83709
  • This room makes you feel like you've actually just stepped foot into an underground mine!
    • Room Features
    • Capacity - 3 to 10 people
    • Multiple room experience
    • Dim atmosphere, lanterns are provided
    • Kid friendly, standard age recommendation (8+)
    • Non-linear game play
By far, the best escape room in the Treasure Valley. We have been to multiple ones, but hands down this was our favorite! We did the Gem mine... the flow of the game was fantastic.
Lisa - Google

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