Styles of escape room game play in Boise

Styles of escape room game play in Boise

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Styles of escape room game play in Boise

At Treasure Valley Escape Rooms in Boise, Idaho we believe that escape games are all about having fun! We never limit the amount of help you can receive from your gamemasters during your adventure. It is your game so it is your choice what "style" you would like to play.

Teams that pick "experienced" only receive hints when they request them in the room. This style of play is recommended for groups with players that have all played several or more escape rooms. Our rooms are designed to be played at a good pace, so if you are playing standard and feel as though you have not made progress for some time, be sure to ask for a hint to keep moving.

The other option is "standard" and is recommended for teams that are new to escape rooms or maybe just don't like getting stuck. Our gamemasters will provide your team with helpful hints to keep your team moving in the right direction.

We have been in your shoes, and we know the feeling of wanting to solve things on your own. Our policy is not to push your or rush you to escape unless that is what your team would like! Have fun, with whatever style you make the choice to follow.


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