Escape room in Boise is a perfect night out

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Escape room in Boise is a perfect night out

"Ring, ring.."

Sometimes it feels as though the electronics we own and the social media platforms we engage with prevent us from experiencing meaningful togetherness with family or friends. We've all been to that restaurant, bowling alley, or event where we notice others (or even ourselves!) looking down at a phone. And maybe even to the extent it prevents us from enjoying “being in the moment” or hearing that one joke everyone else found so funny.

While the list of escape rooms attributes are expansive, we'll keep it simple. They are a ton of fun. And will maybe even bring out your group's competitive spirit. The best part? The endless opportunities to use communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Not only will it provide you with a gateway to an interactive night out, but your team will have great conversation for the rest of the night over dinner or drinks.

Ready for an uninterrupted sixty minutes of fun? Plan your next escape game adventure at Treasure Valley Escape Rooms in Boise today.


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