Are you truly locked in an escape room?

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Are you truly locked in an escape room?

We realize what you are thinking since we get asked this constantly: Are we truly locked in the escape room? The answer is no. If you must leave the room at any time during the game, you are 100% free to step out. What occurs if you do not escape in time? If you do not escape in time, that is alright!

Regardless of whether you complete your mission or not, your game master will meet you at the conclusion of the game and open the final door if you have not escaped at this point. While it is energizing to have the option to successfully escape, escape rooms are still heaps of good times for people who do not figure out how to make it out during their first endeavor. It gives them a skill set to further develop and utilize whenever coming to play again!


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    Sawyer Bazzle

    So exciting! Can't wait for the opening!

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